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   2017,Sakiah, Mariani Sembiring, Novita Sari

Optimal nutrient delivery is one way to increasepalm oilproduction. This is because the need ofnutrients for palm oil is quite high, while the soil capacity in providing nutrientsfor plants is limited. Besides fertilization, nutrientscanbegivenintheformoforganicmaterialsaddedorgrownascovercrop.Beans

asacovercropisavinethatcanincreasenutrientsandimprovesoilquality. Ofthemanytypesofbeansas a cover crop, Mucuna bracteata is the most widely used species, because it has several advantages, namely rapid growth, high biomass production, resistant to shade, resistant to drought, suppress the growth ofweeds, and not liked by livestock. Mucuna bracteata also has benefitsforpalm oil crops such as increasing soil fertility, protecting against erosion hazards, improving soil properties and shortening seedling periods. This research was conducted to obtain informative data about the physical and chemicalproperties ofsoil on slope andflat areasplanted with Mucuna bracteata as a cover crop and withoutMucunabracteata. ThisresearchwasconductedatAfdeelingIKebunBangunBandarSocfindo Inc, Tanjung Maria Village, Dolok Masihul Sub-District, Serdang Bedagai District, Sumatera Utara Province. The research was conductedfrom May to July 2016. This research was conducted by descriptive analysis method that is collecting direct data infield and testing o f soil samples in laboratory. Soil samples were taken based on: Topography (flat and slopes 15-30%), cover crops (without Mucuna bracteata and with Mucuna bracteata) and plant life (seedling periods 1, 2 and 3). The soil sample is taken composite by zigzagging soil sampling method. The research results showed that the planting o f Mucuna bracteata inpalm oilplantations was able to improve somephysical and chemicalproperties o f thesoil;PlantingMucunabracteataonflatareacanfix bulkdensityof12.64%, onslopeareaof6.04%. ThecolorofthesoilthatisplantedwithMucunabracteatatendstobedarkerthanthosenotplanted. The infiltration rate belongs to the class 'very quickly'with a sandy clay-dominatedground texture; Planting o fMucuna bracteata onflat area can increase soil organic matter content by 42.74%, while on slope area of15.11%, increaseofN-totalsoillevelby31%andonslopeareadoesnotincreaseN-total.

Keywords: Physical Properties, Chemical Properties, Soil, Flat, Slop, Mucuna bracteata

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1 Jurnal Agro Estate, Vol 1 No. 1 Juni 2017 337857 Kb Detail
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