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» A Restatement of The History of Islam & Muslims
   ,Razwy, Sayed Ali Asgher

A Restatement of the History of Islam and Muslims C.E. 570 to 661. Many of the so-called "known facts" in the history of nascent Islam are little more than pious assumptions or even pious wishes which through persistent repetition by the long chain of the generations of Muslims, have acquired the "patina" if not the status of the "articles of faith". When I questioned some of the assumptions of many Muslims which are disguised as historical "truths", I noticed that they cannot withstand the scrutiny of critical analysis. The reader himself may, therefore, decide if he would cling to them or would accept truths some of which he might find extremely bitter and brutal. There are those people who are afraid of truth. Truth threatens their illusions, their favorite myths, and their assumptions. These latter, through long propinquity, have become so familiar to them that they feel it is safe and comfortable to live with them without the "intrusion" of truth. They equate truth with "insecurity." And yet, truth alone can bring them real security. Truth must be upheld at all costs, and by all, but especially, by the historians. Truth must be upheld even if it hurts a friend and benefits a foe. Prologue..... The President of the World Federation, Mulla Asgher Saheb, handed me a voluminous 800 page typewritten manuscript. Little did I realize, then, what an experience, working on this project was going to be. Leafing through the pages I soon felt dwarfed by the erudition of the author, and mused over his penchant for the quaint turn of phrase, which only a scholar trained in the classical writing style of the days of yore could pen. I only wish I had the privilege of meeting the author in person. Sadly, he passed away while the book was in its initial stages of publication. Allah willing, his legacy as the seeker of the truth in the light of Ahlul Bait (AS) will continue to live on through the minds of his readers. Hasnain Walji Muharraln 1418. May 1997

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