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» Pendugaan Ragam Genetik Dan Korelasi Antar Karakter Komponen Hasil Dari Beberapa Klon Karet Seri 400


This study aims to estimate the genetic variance and correlation between yield components characters of some rubber clones of  IRR 400 series. The experimental design used was randomized complete design (RCD) two factors with three replications. Plant materials were fifteen rubber clones of IRR 400 series and PB 260 as control clones. The research results showed that there were genetic variance of yield component characters and latex yield potential of rubber clones of IRR 400 series. Based on heritability value showed that the all of yield component characters and latex yield potential had high heritability with h2bs value among 0.67-0.93 and coefficient of genetic variance (CGV) among 8.91-44.79%. Based on correlation analysis showed that latex flow rate, dry rubber content, and yield index had significantly correlation and positive value toward latex yield potential, while plugging index had significantly correlation but negative value toward latex yield potential.

Keywords : hevea brasiliensis, genetic variance, heritability, correlation, yield components, latex yield potential.

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