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» Analisa Rendemen, Densitas, Dan Komposisi Asam Lemak Minyak Biji Tanaman Karet (Hevea brasiliensis)
   2016,Ika Ucha Pradifta Rangkuti


Rubber seeds utilization is still less to be used as a product-hogh-value products. Currently the rubber seed still mostly reserved as seed (20%), while 80% wasted. Rubber seeds contains about 40-50% vegetable oil. The highest rubber seed oil content can be used as biodiesel to reduce the use of other vegetable oils assumptions and other derivative products. Rubber seed oil can be cited by way of a solvent extraction process using a mixture of n-haxane and ethanol. This research was conducted at the Laboratory of the quality of study programs Teknologi Pengolahan Hasil Perkebunan (TPHP), Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Pertanian Agrobisnis Perkebunan (STIPAP) Medan and Laboratory Products Processing and Quality, in Palm Oil Research. This research is done by the method of extraction of free fatty acid contained in the rubber seed oil extract of 15.81%, density rubber seed oil extract the best of 0.913 g/ml. Rubber sees oil has an unsaturated fatty acid with a cabon chain length.

Keywords : rubber sees, n-hexane, ethanol 

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