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» Eksplorasi Bakteri Rhizosfer Tanaman Karet Yang Berpotensi Sebagai Pengendali Penyakit Jamur Akar Putih (Rigidoporus microporus)
   2016,Cici Indriani Dalimunthe ; Dedi Pranoto ; Radite Tistama


White root disease (Rigidoporus microporus) is one of the important diseases in rubber and financial losses due to this disease if calculated nationally reached 300 billion every year. Biological control using Trichoderma sp. had widely used and effective. Other biological agents from the group of bacteria need to be explored to see the potential in control of white root disease. The purpose of this study is to explore the bacteria rhizosphere of rubber plant that potential as controller of white root disease (Rigidoporus microporus). The research was using Random Design (RBD) non-factorial. The results of Laboratory test with poisoning food technique showed that from 15 bacteria rhizosphere (BRhi) was tested antagonist with WRD, there were 4 BRhi which has the ability to inhibit the growth of WRD about 83.24 to 87.72%. They are BRhi4, BRhi9, BRhi13 and BRhi14. The results of the field test showed that the from the four best BRhi in the laboratory, there was three bacteria rhizophere (BRhi4, BRhi13 and BRhi14) that able to inhibit the development of WRD with the lowest attack intensity about 9.10% and significantly different from control (attack intensity about 16.06%). BRhi13 can inhibit the development of white root fungus and also potentially to increase the growth of rubber plants.

Keywords : hevea brasiliensis, white root disease, bacteria rhozosphere, exploration 

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