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» Pengaruh Rasio Sabun Logam Campurn Terhadap Kualitas Pelumas Padat (grease) Dari Palm Fatty Acid Destilate (PFAD)

This study aims to determine the formulation of a grease from PFAD and metal soaps mixture (Li-Ca) as a thickner that has the characteristics of a solid lubricant SNI approach and know the quality of the resulting solid lubricants. The method used in the manufacture of grease consists of two stages. The first stage is the process of making soap mixed metal (Li-Ca) wityh predetermined variations and analyze mixed metal soap. The second stage is the creation of a solid lubricant (grease) from metal soap mixture (Li-Ca) and PFAD and analyze the products produced. Based on research that has been done shows that the optimum solid lubricant according to the standard SNI is the composition A2:B3. A2 is the ratio of LiOH : Ca(OH)2 that is 80%:20% and the ratio of metal soap B3:PFAD which is 70%:30%. Density is 0.953 g/ml, the melting point (dropping point) 105oC, with a consistency of NLGI grades 6.

Keywords : Metal soap, grease, base oil, NLGI

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