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» Efektivitas Inokulasi Bakteri Rhozobium sp Terhadap Nodulasi Mucuna bracteata Monokultur dan Bikultur Dengan Tanaman Kacang HIjau (Phaseolus radiatus L)
   2016,Mardiana Wahyuni ; Mariani Sembiring ; Atika Rajagukguk


Mucuna bracteata plants cover a lot of ground to be used by oil palm and rubber plantations. Mucuna bracteata excellence is growing rapidly, generating a high biomass, holds N from the air, tolerant of diseases and pets attacks is not well-liked by livestock. Activity binding of Nitrogen from the air by Rhizobium bacteria are characterized by the formation of rhizobia. In some plantation crop Mucuna bracteata rhizobia from a slow, even blackheads, formed 1-2 years after planting. Types of rhizobium  sp may be specific between legumes and ob particular species can infect each other. Based on this research done on Rhizobium inoculation Mucuna bracteata monoculture and bikultur with green bean plants (Phaseolus radiates l.). the research was carried out in the area of nursery STIPAP. Research time for 4 months, from February-June 2016. This study used a factorial design 2x2 with the number of treatments with Deuteronomy 4,3 x the size of each plot 0.75 x 1 m, each plot there are 18 basic ponts of the planting with fertilizer to RP 60 g/plot. Testing parameters are arranged on a list of Fingerprints and do real different from the smallest test (BNT) and level 5% and 1%. The observations showed a noticeable influence from Rhozobium treatments against the growth of long tendrils, on L1 (monoculture) 421.76 cm and L2 (bikultur) 388.71 cm (94.3). Observation of the number of leaves is no different. Granting of Rhizobium isolates, increasing numbers of rhizobia Mucuna bracteata from 40.36 into 57.54 (142,567%). Rhizobium treatments have no effect against the real growth of rhizobia green beans. Mucuna bracteata leaves N levels in all treatment categories include high with an average of 3.70%.

Keywords: Mucuna bracteata, nodulasi, Rhizobium, Phaseolus radiates L 

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