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» Hidrogenasi Minyak Inti Sawit Menjadi Cocoa Butter Substitute Menggunakan Katalis Nikel
   2016,Donald Siahaan

Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) can be modified into cocoa butter substitute (CBS) by catalytic hydrogenation with Nickel as catalyst. PKO which is liquid in room temperature will be solidified into solid by this process. The objective of this research was top determine optimum temperature and process time for catalytic hydrogenetion for production of CBS from PKO. The temperature was varied at 140, 160, and 180o C; and process time was varied at 2, 4, and 6 hours. The temperature and process time treatments and its interaction effect significantly melting point of CBS produced; but not the trans fatty acid content, moisture content and free fatty acid content. The Optimum condition for producing CBS from PKO was in temperature160o C for 4 hours as it gave melting point 38.5o C and CBS produced was 95.52% (w/w) of PKO. The CBS Produced contained zero trans fatty acid, 0,13% moisture content and 0,55% free fatty acids.

Keywords: cocoa butter substitute, hydrogenation, nickel catalyst, melting point, palm kernel oil, trans fatty acid

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